The Cohasset Historical Society is privately funded.  We rely on donations to allows us to continue our mission to preserve, protect, and share the history of both Cohasset and the region.

The bulk of our resources are dedicated to maintaining our four antique properties.   Elm Street in Cohasset village is home to two of our museums. The 1760 Maritime Museum which is currently undergoing restoration, and a reimagining of the space for dynamic exhibits related to our history as a maritime community. Right next door, the 1810 Captain John Wilson house depicts life of a local sea captain and his family in the early part of the 19th Century. 



Our 1867 Beechwood Meetinghouse and Museum is now hosting small group tours and events. The repurposing of this former church provides a venue to showcase our fire and police collection and explore the history of the Beechwood community.   Society headquarters, housed in the 1903 Pratt Building, 106 South Main Street, houses our archives, a treasure trove of over 25,000 items, photos, and documents that chronicle Cohasset's landmarks, our families, and the history of Cohasset.  

None of this could be sustained without the help of our generous donors.  Please consider contributing today.   Thank You.